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MZK servis, Tigridova 1618, 250 82 Úvaly

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  • Servis 2,4 GHz


Servis 2,4 GHz

Servisní střediska :
MZK servis
Tigridova 1618
250 82 Úvaly
Tel.: 732 364 264, 281 931 237
Esotop, s.r.o.
Klatovská třída 115,
320 00 Plzeň ,
tel.: 377423635, 604436733

RFHSS Systém TWIN 2,4GHz

Transmitter modules TWIN Tx together with receivers TWIN Rx are the backbone of the 2,4 GHz-Band system appointed to remote control of models. The TWIN system takes advantage of the unic RFHSS processing - Redundant Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum ( a redundant signal transfer with frequency hopping within a spread spectrum ) with an additional RDTO function - Redundant Data Transmission Overlay – data transfer with overlay and redundancy (there are more identical data than necessary transmitted spread in time) and CSMA function - Carrier Sense Multiple Access – (detection of the carrier wave, no danger of interference with other simultaneously transmitting transmitters).

Among others, the main advantages of the TWIN system is operation without crystals, the fast and reliable data transfer within the complete band, a very high interference resistance, the bidirectional communication between receiver and transmitter and, last but not least, transmission of telemetric data in real time.


Function of the TWIN 2,4 GHz System

After switching on of transmitter and receiver the transmitter confirms acoustically recognition of the receiver and passes over to full communication on 16 channels with a bandwitdth of 5 MHz.

Before starting data transfer the transmitter first monitors the traffic on each channel (CSMA). Tis way the number of collisions with other transmitters on the 2,4 GHz band is minimized and simultaneous operation of many transmitters rendered feasible. Basic telemetric functions consist of monitoring of the minimum receiver voltage and of the range limit.


Transmitter modules TWIN Tx

Transmitter modules TWIN Tx are offered for Futaba und Hitec transmitters (TWIN TxF),   for Graupner/JR transmitters (TWIN TxG) and in form of universal modules (TWIN TxU) for other transmitters working with PPL signals. TWIN Tx modulessupport solely transmitterswith PPM signals and facilitate a simple way of modification of existing transmitters to the 2,4 GHz band.

Due to the fact that the transmitter modules TWIN TxF and TWIN TxG are equipped with their own Tx antennas, there exists the possibility to keep the original 35 or 40 MHZ-band Tx antenna in place on your transmitter and go anytime back to the 35 / 40 MHz band just by exchange of transmitter modules. The exchange of modules does in no way affect data stored in your transmitter.


Receivers TWIN Rx

These receivers can be solely operated by means of transmitter modules TWIN Tx in the2,4 GHz band. It is possible to connect to any of the receivers a telemetric sensor for data transfer from the model. On any receiver output channel there exists after enabling Fail-Safe the possibility to set up individual servo throws.